Characterization of porous materials

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Characterization of porous materialsCode de l'UE : HMCH102


The goal is to provide fundamentals in the characterization of the microstructure of porous materials, thin films and membranes.

Course content:
1. Description of porous materials- Definitions
2. Static characterisation techniques
2.1. Stereology
2.2. Intrusive methods
2.3. Non intrusive methods
3. Dynamic characterisation techniques
3.1. Rejection measurements
3.2. Liquid displacement techniques


1. To know general concepts about porous materials and pore structure
2.To have a general knowledge about the main techniques for the characterization of pore structure
3.To be able to develop an analytical strategy and analytical methods for the characterisation of pore structure
Formation expérimentale : Lab courses in groups: characterisation of different types of porous membranes and membrane materials by a static method, like N2 physisorption, and a dynamic method, like liquid filtration.

Pré-requis recommandés

1st cycle degree or a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio-chemical Engineering, or equivalent degrees in one of the previous domains.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 15
  • TD : 5
  • TP : 5


* “Recommendation for the characterization of porous solids” Rouquerol J, Avnir D, Fairbridge CW, Everett DH, Haynes JH, Pernicone N, Ramsay JDF, Sing K.S.W., Unger K.K., Pure and Applied Chemistry 66 (1994) 1739-1758
* “Methods for the characterisation of porous structure in membrane materials" A. JULBE, J.D.F. RAMSAY, in "Fundamentals of Inorganic Membrane Science and Technology", Membrane Science and Technology Series 4, Ed. A.J. Burggraaf and L. Cot, Elsevier (Amsterdam, NL), Chapter 4, 1996, pp: 67-118.

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