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Each year, teachers will suggest a number of topics, from which students will choose (the list will be neither binding nor exhaustive: any topic that relates to evolution is fair game). Working in groups of two or three people, the students will be responsible for presenting the topic they have chosen. Each person in a group should participate equally in these presentations. Each group will be given a small selection of recent papers that they will use to begin to explore the topic, or the groups will themselves propose pertinent papers. Among these, the group will distribute (one week before the class session) one-two papers that everyone should read before class. The group will be responsible for presenting the topicto the rest of the class and leading discussion of it. The group presentation should explain why the topic is interesting and present the state of the art, outlining points ofcontroversy and defining big open questions. The presentation format will be defined by the group, keeping in mind that it should open discussions. For the last sessions(s) at the end of the course, students will give short individual presentations providing a recap of some aspect(s) of another group’s topic. In addition to the main hot topic presentations, there will be a brief 'writing summaries' exercise at the beginning of the course, and regular “news & views” briefings of recent articles picked by the students from journals of their choice.

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Understanding and presentation of scientific work.

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