Ingénieur d'affaires à l'International _ International Business Engineering

  • ECTS

    120 crédits

  • Durée

    2 ans

  • Structure de formation

    Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE)


The Master in International Business Engineering has been specifically designed for students who wish to acquire
a dual competence in international sales or purchase. It is a two-year degree, entirely taught in English, aimed at
international and French graduates that come mainly from a scientific background (bachelor degree in Sciences,
Technology, Engineering, for instance) and that do not necessarily have experience in management or business.
The main objective of this programme is to provide students with professional management skills supported by a
global perspective, and prepare them to thrive in the global labor market.
The Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for the Master’s degree in International Business Engineering are divided
into six categories:
ĵ Knowledge: Upon completion of the programme, students will demonstrate understanding of the accurate tools
to develop and manage an international business.
ĵ Skills, including interpersonal skills: Students will be able to solve problems and to critically analyze them. They
will also be able to demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills and decision-making skills.
ĵ Attitudes: Students will be able to work as part of a team and carry out group projects.
ĵ International perspective: Students will understand the specified discipline from a global perspective.
ĵ Understanding of the business world: Students will be able to understand business practices and related
concepts and be able to integrate this functional knowledge in order to address business problems.
ĵ Awareness of the broader trends in society (e.g. social responsibility): Students will be able to demonstrate
awareness of ethical and social responsibility issues.

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