Assembly and fabrication of nanostructures (UNIZAR Espagne)

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Assembly and fabrication of nanostructures (UNIZAR Espagne)Code de l'UE : HMCH319


The goal is to provide in-dept presentation of nanomaterials.

Course content:
- Synthesis methods of nanoparticles. Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and graphitic structures. - Nanocomposites. Mesoporous and microporous structures.
- Herarchical structures and molecular self-assembly.
- Chirality in the nanoscale. Supramolecular chemistry and polymer chemistry. Intercalation chemistry.
- Biofunctionalization of nanomaterials.
- Lab demonstrations


- Theoretical knowledge of the preparation methods of nanostructures bottom-up (self-assembly) and top down (micro and nano-litography).
- To acquire competences for the planification, design and implementation in the fabrication of nanomaterials, evaluating the problems, risks and the results.
- To know the equipments for the preparation of nanostructures by bottom-up and top-down techniques.

Pré-requis recommandés

1st year Master EM3E or 1st year master with required knowledge in material science, chemical engineering, numerical simulation and separation science.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 30
  • TD : 15
  • TP : 15


- Self-Assembled Nanostructures. Jin Zhang et al. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
- Three-Dimensional Nanoengineered Assemblies. Thomas M. Orlando et al.Materials Research Society
- Nanoparticles. From Theory To Application.Günter Schmid.Wiley-VCH.
- The Chemistry Of Nanomaterials (Vols. 1 Y 2). C.N..R. Rao, A. Müller & A.K. Cheetham Wiley-VCH.

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