Case studies of industrial applications (UNIZAR Espagne)

Case studies of industrial applications (UNIZAR Espagne)Code de l'UE : HMCH324


The course consists of a series of seminars taught by industrialists, in different fields, where nanotechnology has been applied as a solution to solve a problem or for the development of a new product.
Several case studies of industrial applications will be analyzed. A detailed description of the market before the introduction of a certain nanotechnology product will be performed, followed by the identification of the opportunity, the design of the product or process together with its technological implementation and commercialisation.
Representative case studies will be analyzed including the pharmaceutical, automotive, textile, cosmetic, and biotechnology industry as well as the fabrication of nanosensors.
The students in a team-work will prepare a project for the development of a new product based on their acquired knowledge on nanotechnology/membranes.


- To evaluate the importante of the nanotechnology products in the market.
- To understand the high potencial of nanotechnology as an horizontal discipline which is able to integrate in the fabrication process.-
- To identify the distinctive characteristics that the application at the nanoscale give to certain commercial products.
- To identify the difficulties for the implementation of the advances in the laboratory to the commercial practice.
- To know directly from the companies and the “main actors” their industrial experience.
- To recognize the main factors in product design in high technology and their main features that makes them successful commercial products.
Formation expérimentale :
- Projects on the development of new products involving nanotechnology

Pré-requis recommandés

1st year Master EM3E or 1st year master with required knowledge in material science, chemical engineering, numerical simulation and separation science.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 30
  • TD : 15
  • TP : 15


- Commercialiizing Micro-nanotechnology Products. Tolfree, D., Jackson, M. J., Ed.CRC Press
- World Wide Web to look for companies and products
- Patent Database:, European Patent Office (esp@cenet), Derwent Innovation Index (ISI).

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