Membrane process plant design (UTwente Pays-Bas)

Membrane process plant design (UTwente Pays-Bas)Code de l'UE : HMCH361


1. Introduction to systematic process design
2. Introduction to process simulation (flowsheeting: Unisim or ..)
3. Introduction to cost estimation


- To know main applications of membranes in separation processes, (catalytic) membrane reactors, and new applications of technological interest.
- Clearly define scope and design basis
- Generate process alternatives in systematic procedure: Combine membrane module(s) with additional unit operations to obtain an operational process. Make balanced choices.
- Simulate (membrane) processes with a commercial flowsheeter.
- To understand main transport mechanisms in different types of membranes.
- The ability to design a (membrane) process (calculate membrane area, optimal module configuration.
- Technical en economical evaluation.
Formation expérimentale :
- Studies of cases about the technical design and the economical cost of membrane processes

Pré-requis recommandés

1st year Master EM3E or 1st year master with required knowledge in material science, chemical engineering, numerical simulation and separation science.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 30
  • TD : 10
  • TP : 10


- Lecture notes, slides
- W.D. Seider, J.D. Seader, D.R. Lewin; Product and Process Design Principles: synthesis, analysis and evaluation.
- R.W. Baker; Membrane Technology and Applications.

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