Polymer materials (UM)

Polymer materials (UM)Code de l'UE : HMCH135


1. Introduction, Definitions & Nomenclature
2. Classification of Polymers & Basic Morphology
3. Polymer processing and synthesis
4. Mechanical and Thermal properties
5. Copolymers & Advanced Morphology
6. Smart polymers and polymeric materials
7. The world market of plastic industry
8. Polymers in membrane technologies
9. Current trends in polymer membranes


To gain understanding in polymer materials.
To prepare and characterize the main polymers.
To be able to choose the right polymer in function of the application ( eg. membrane application).
To understand the ties between chemical structure, morphology and properties
To know the world plastic market and the future trends
Formation expérimentale : (uniquement pour les TP) 1. Preparation of polymer membranes by NIPS and VIPS
2. Determination of the water flux

Pré-requis recommandés

1st cycle degree or a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio-chemical Engineering, or equivalent degrees in one of the previous domains.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 15
  • TD : 5
  • TP : 5


18. P.W. Atkins, Pysical Chemistry, Oxford, 1990

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