Process design (ICTP Rép, Tchèque)

Process design (ICTP Rép, Tchèque)Code de l'UE : HMCH230


a. On the process view of chemical production, know-how.
b. Selection of reactions‘ pathway, economical criterions, environmental protection.
c. Technological schema, mass and energy balance.
d. Application of design software.
e. Chemical reactors, membrane reactors and their models.
f. Pumps – characteristics and examples of selection.
g. Compression devices – characteristics, exhausters.
h. Filtration of suspensions, characteristics of filters and filtration membranes.
i. Energy exchange – heat exchangers and their characteristics.
j. Simulation of heat exchangers, design of optimal exchanger.
k. Rectification and pervaporation – the fundamentals, characteristics of columns.
l. Simulation of rectification and pervaporation.
m. Process control – the regulation cycle, characteristics of regulators.
n. Examples of complex design of a concrete process.


To understand general concepts of process design
To be able to apply previous knowledge acquired in chemical engineering, applied physical chemistry and separation processes to the process design
To understand synthesis of processes from the energy saving, waste minimization, construction material and equipment selection point of view.
Application of simulation software in solution of process design problems.

Formation expérimentale :
Application of flowsheeting software for solving of typical technology problems

Pré-requis recommandés

1st cycle degree or a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio-chemical Engineering, or equivalent degrees in one of the previous domains.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 30
  • TD : 10
  • TP : 10


R. Smith: Chemical Process: Design and Integration, Wiley, 2002
Perry’s Cemical Engineers’ Handbook

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