Separation science (UT3)

Separation science (UT3)Code de l'UE : HMCH147


The goal is to provide fundamentals in separation science.

Course content:
- Role of separation science in industry
- Physico-chemical processes involved in separation
- Separating agents and associated technologies
- Efficiency and capacity of separation processes
- Elements for process selection.


- To know general concepts about separation processes and their role in industry
- To be able to associate a separating agent to a separation technology
- To know the scientific fundaments of separation processes
- To be able to estimate the efficiency and the capacity of a separation process (the modelling aspects of the processes will be given in semester 2 in the course Separation Technology)
- To know simple criteria to choose a separation processes.
Formation expérimentale : Implementation of a menbrane process for separation in liquids

Pré-requis recommandés

1st cycle degree or a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio-chemical Engineering, or equivalent degrees in one of the previous domains.

Volume horaire

  • CM : 20
  • TD : 0
  • TP : 5


- Separation Process Engineering, Phillip C. Wankat 2006
- Separation Process Technology, Jimmy Humphrey, George Keller, 1997
- Chemical Engineering: Particle Technology and Separation Processes, J.M. Coulson, J.F. Richardson, J.R. Backhurst, J.H. Harker, 1996

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