Advanced Materials: Thin films (different synthesis methods)

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Advanced Materials: Thin films (different synthesis methods)Code de l'UE : HMCH154


This course consists of a series of different lectures in the field of synthesis and characterization of thin films for technological applications or academic research. It is completed by an introduction into synthesis techniques of compounds stabilized under high pressure or only available under special conditions.

  1. Epitaxial films
  2. Microstructure
  3. Dislocations and grain boundaries
  4. Coatings and applications
  5. Diffusion barriers
  6. Photo optical devices
  7. Vacuum technology
  8. High pressure synthesis
  9. Synthesis of compounds with unusual valence and coordination states


Getting familiar with the synthesis and applications of thin films as well as chemical reactions and characterization under extreme conditions

Pré-requis recommandés

Basics in chemistry

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  • CM : 17
  • TD : 8
  • TP : 0
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