Crystallography, Crystal chemistry, Large Scale Facilities

Crystallography, Crystal chemistry, Large Scale FacilitiesCode de l'UE : HMCH209



  • Symmetry and space groups
  • Phase transitions
  • Introduction into structure refinement (single crystal and powder methods)
  • Neutron and synchrotron facilities
  • Magnetic structures with neutron diffraction
  • Single crystal structure determination (experiment and theory)
  • Special aspects: twinning, anomalous scattering, absolute structure,


Introduction into structure analysis using laboratory equipment and large scale facilities

Pré-requis recommandés

Basics in crystallography

Volume horaire

  • CM : 34
  • TD : 16
  • TP : 0


D. and C. McKie: Essentials of Crystallography, Blackwell Scientific Publications
W. Borchardt-Ott: Crystallography: an introduction, Springer
J. Als-Nielsen, D. McMorrow: Elements of Modern X-ray Physics
G.L. Squires : Introduction to the theory of thermal neutron scattering, Oxford, Cambridge University press
Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for Condensed Matter Studies Part I and II, Springer

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