Crystallography I Electron Microscopy and Crystallography 2

Crystallography I Electron Microscopy and Crystallography 2Code de l'UE : HMCH111


Simple inorganic structures: basics & concepts, Fractional atomic coordinates and projections, Bravais lattices, Crystal systems, Lattice points, lines and planes, Miller indices, Zone equation, Wulff net, orienting matrix, Crystal growth and morphology, X-ray sources, interaction of X-rays, electrons and neutrons with matter, scattering lengths, structure factor, systematic extinctions, Debye-Waller factor, principles of scattering, reciprocal lattice, concept of Ewald sphere, Laue diffraction, Debye Scherrer camera, powder diffractometers, single crystal diffractometers, monochromators, detectors, resolution, stereographic projection, peak intensities, reflection profile broadening and grain size, Electron sources, lens, aberrations, specimen preparation, Electron Diffraction, Imaging techniques, Structural and chemical analysis
Formation expérimentale : Laue diffraction: single crystal diffraction patterns and evaluation, stereographic projection
Powder diffraction: Debye-Scherrer film techniques, indexation
Modern powder diffractometer: data analysis for different Bragg-Brentano configurations, Johansson monochromator, primary and secondary monochromators, data reduction for structure analysis


Introduction into basic crystal chemistry and structural characterization of condensed matter by diffraction methods.
Knowledge of how a microscope is operating, interpretation of Electron Diffraction Pattern and Images, be able to choose an appropriate technique to prepare different kind of samples

Pré-requis recommandés

No basic knowledge necessary

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  • CM : 51
  • TD : 24
  • TP : 0


Transmission Electron Microscopy, A text book for materials Science, Davis B. Williams, C. Barry Carter
Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy, Ray F. Egerton, Springer
D. and C. McKie: Essentials of Crystallography, Blackwell Scientific Publications
W. Borchardt-Ott: Crystallography: an introduction, Springer
J. Als-Nielsen, D. McMorrow: Elements of Modern X-ray Physics

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