Summer School: Large Scale Facilities

Summer School: Large Scale FacilitiesCode de l'UE : HMCH392


The objective is to provide second year students master a good introduction in the use of "Large Scale Facilities" for the study and characterization of materials. In particular, we focus on the use of neutron scattering and 3rd generation synchrotron sources for the study of materials. Indeed, to date, the development and optimization of materials often require sophisticated methods, sometimes accessible only at Large Scale Facilities. This presents a major challenge for basic research and applied. The courses, which take place over two consecutive weeks, give basic instruction on the production of neutrons and synchrotron radiation as well as their specific applications and complementarity. The course content is as follows:
- Neutron and synchrotron sources
- Interaction neutrons/synchrotron radiation with matter
- Diffraction methods and instrumentation
- Spectroscopy using neutrons and X-rays
- Magnetism - Presentation on neutron and synchrotron beamlines


Getting familiar with neutron and synchrotron sources and applications of large scale facilities in materials science

Pré-requis recommandés

Basics in physics/chemistry/quantum mechanics/crystallography

Volume horaire

  • CM : 80
  • TD : 0
  • TP : 0


D. and C. McKie: Essentials of Crystallography, Blackwell Scientific Publications
W. Borchardt-Ott: Crystallography: an introduction, Springer
J. Als-Nielsen, D. McMorrow: Elements of Modern X-ray Physics
G.L. Squires : Introduction to the theory of thermal neutron scattering, Oxford, Cambridge University press
Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for Condensed Matter Studies Part I and II, Springer

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