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Understanding of screening techniques for bioactive molecules, and more generally in vitro tests used to measure a biological event in the perspective of drug discovery or diagnosis.


1) Pharmacological and biophysical fundamentals describing a biological event, target of biological tests:


2) Biological tests for the development of medicines or diagnostics


3) Applications, case studies, critical analyses.

Volumes horaires* :

CM : 15 H

TD : 5 H

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Be able to choose the biological screening and testing techniques suitable for the evaluation and optimisation of bioactive molecules.

Understand from a molecular point of view the technologies associated with diagnostic and screening tools and be able to design new chemical tools for this purpose.

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Pré-requis nécessaires

Notions de base de biologie et de biochimie          

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Contrôle des connaissances

Examen écrit terminal de 2h :

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Cours : Inductive pedagogy (problems based on real cases of development of active molecules. Inverted classroom. Votes and quizzes during sessions, case studies. Support(s) available on ENT (Moodle): Course documents, reference publications, examination records.


1) Fundamentals (3H)

- receptors, enzymes

- binding, basics of receptors phramacology

- biological activity measurment


2) Principle of Bioassays for drug development and diagnosis (6H)

-high throughput vs high content

-Biological model : biomolecules isolated, cell-based assays, animal models including transgenic models

-luminescence (fluorescence, FRET, radioluminescence, SPA), radioactivity, UV

-viability, proliferation and adhesion assays (for medical devices).


3) Systems and devices :

-robots HTS and library management

-enzyme based reagents and assays

-surface interaction measurment (QCM/SPR)

- lateral flow and chromatographic assays



3) Applications, cases study and critical evalaution.



TD (5 H) : Individual work, presentation of techniques and publications to be prepared before and presented during the session.

Case studies based on drug development, diagnosis tools and medical devices.

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Informations complémentaires

Contact(s) administratif(s) :

Secrétariat Master Chimie


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